Wednesday, 15 November 2017

CABWOF Nominees for 2018

Three Early Nominees for Induction: By Brian Zelley

Four early nomnees for 2018are:
Harold Stewart ** Brian Nolan ** Frank Nolan jr.
Peter Wylie.

First nominee is Harold Stewart.

Brian and Frank jr. have been nominated by 
inductee and brother Stephen Nolan. His image is top right. 

Peter Wylie is the founding coach
of the Cabbagetown Boxing Club.

Peter Wylie & Asif Dar

BC Boxers and Builders

*  BC potentoals are
Manny Sobral and Tommy Paonessa
Dale Walters and Lennie Walters
or any other inductee to the
BC Amateur Boxing
Hall of Fame

Tommy Paonessa and Lennie Walters.

Stan Smith presenting Tommy Paoness with aeard

Dale Walters

                                                                Lennie Walters

Manny Sobral and Alan Brown

training at Bob Decker's club in Vancouver

Another Potential
Jeannine Garside.

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