Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Asif Dar - Boxer

ASIF DAR - Canadian Olympic boxer
Asif Dar - Boxer

The Introduction of our own Asif Dar:
*  the importance of this photo for the Asif Dar boxing story has more
meaning than anyone can imagine when we travel back to how it all
began on the playground of a school where Asif was the outsider
looking in and receiving the taunts, and the slings and arrows of 
blind and ignorant racism.  Based on his desire and determination
and skills Asif Dar would become a great team member from
his early days as a junior boxer, to his two shots at Olympic
glory as part of a team.  And throughout the eighties the name
Asif Dar would be a name all Canadians could take pride in for
his determination, dedication, team spirit and achievements
from club shows to Provincial tournaments, from National
tournaments to great International moments in the sun and
under the bright lights and the sound of the bell Asif Dar is
one of our class acts to be on the Canadian Boxing Wall of Fame.