Saturday, 18 May 2013

SCOTTY OLSON journey by Brian Zelley

* When it comes to Canadian amateur and professional boxing, there are
countless stories with a cast of characters that run the gamut from
great champions to just a volunteer at some club show. Then there
are some special people that made a difference to the way we view
champions through their dedication, desire and boxing spirit, looking
back to May 1984, a young junior boxer by thr name of Scotty had all
those important elements that spelled great champion and nice guy.
This piece on Scotty Olson for his selection to the new and special
Canadian Boxing Wall of Fame.  Without evasion, or the least trace of
uncertainty, I have no difficulty declaring Scotty Olson one of the
deserving members to be selected in 2013.  At the beginning of 2013
Olson was one of the few selected as a core member to the 
Canadian Amateur Boxing Wall of Fame.   As we march towards
the end of 2013, Scotty will be one of a hundred names to be part of 
the Canadian Boxing Wall of Fame.

Form the beginning to 1984 - The heart and soul of the story

*  To understand the complete story, the true heart and soul
of the Scotty Olson story was written on the wall of boxing history
during the period of May 25 to 27th, 1984.  at the Junior Nationals
held in Burnaby, BC.  It was a moment in time when a junior boxer
from Edmonton won the heart and minds of  Canadian boxers,
coaches, officials and many fans in the audience.  It was the 
moment when the curtains of greatness opened wide.  And, the
Bulldog from Edmonton would go on to many great  and 
outstanding moments.  But, May 1984 was when it all began.

Beyond '84 to the '88 Olympic Games

Scotty"The Bulldog" Olson - professional boxer

Golden memories, Tributes and Awards.

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