Sunday, 12 May 2013

Canadian boxers and builders

A Preliminary List of The Best: 40 Names:

It is not easy trying to pick ten but picking 100 
is a challenge, but some names of interest:

Al Sparks, Alan Ford, Albert Belanger, Armand Savoie,
Art Hafey, Arthur King Arturo Gatti, Asif Dar,  Billy Irwin, 
Billy McGrandle, Billy Townsend, Bob Cleroux, Bob Edgett, 
Clyde Gray, Donny Lalonde, George Chuvalo, George Dixon, 
George Godfrey,

Ian Clyde, Jack Delaney, Jackie Callura, Jerry Shears,
Jimmy McLarnin, Johnny Coulon, Johnny Greco,
Larry Gains,Lennox Lewis. Lou Brouillard, Michael Strange,

Nicky Furlano, Paul Hortie, Pop Foster, Sam Langford,    
Sammy Luftspring,  Scotty Olson, Tommy Burns,
Trevor Berbick, Troy Ross, Wilf Greaves and 
Yvon Durelle.

The Process:
* Starting with Al Sparks and moving to Yvon Durelle, then
deciding on some more of the 60 and working one by one.
Each boxer or builder will have their own page, and where
possible the memories or quotes of others will be used 
as considered necessary to improve the quality of the story.

                               CLYDE GRAY                        WILF GREAVES

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